How the MCA Funding Preparation Service Works

I work with many of my clients on their Funding Preparation to help make sure that they are fully prepared for both the romance of prospective investors for their deal – and the final required steps to motivate some of those prospective investors to sign the investment check.

Hint: MCA Funding Preparation is absolutely required before you start romancing even your first prospective investor.

The MCA Funding Preparation Service usually includes some, or all, of the following:

I usually start with a review and audit of your current company strategies, tactics, action plans, sales and marketing plan, business plans and offering documents.
I help identify which of the above dirty dozen deficits, along with other issues, are potential problem areas for your offering.
At this point, my clients can choose to fix the deficits themselves, have me fix some, or all, of them – or have me oversee and manage the fixes.
I sometimes help make sure my clients have well thought out strategies, tactics and action plans for implementation (this is a major item that is most often overlooked by entrepreneurs).
I sometimes work with clients to crystallize their sales and marketing plans so they are realistic, achievable and believable – and reflect the kind of growth investors expect to see.
I sometimes work with clients so they can properly complete their business planning – including make sure that they have used realistic, achievable and believable driving assumptions for their financial projections.
Sometimes, I help clients and their attorneys with their offering documents so that they comply with both state and federal securities laws – while still properly reflecting the sizzle parts of the business plan.
Often, I help my clients cost-effectively draft for legal review the right kind of Reg D private placement memorandum that complies with the new JOBS act for crowdfunding. This is the mandatory document that you are legally required to produce which will also let you legally advertise your company’s investor offering. (Note: without properly completing the specific kind of private placement needed for public advertising, you’ll almost certainly be violating state and federal securities laws!)

My goal is to make sure that all of these steps along with several other documents, and my client’s investment pitch, are correctly done with everything genuinely ready when they are required.

Once I have worked with you and your company through the MCA Funding Preparation Service to help you prepare for your fundraising and I fully understand your business model, management team, financials, etc., I am then prepared to recommend your offering, on an hourly basis, to some of the more than 16,000+venture capital and angel investors with whom I am directly connected worldwide (9,700+ in the USA.)

That way, my Angel network knows that I’ve already completed significant due diligence on your company before bringing your company’s deal to them – which is a win-win situation for everyone!

The first step is to make sure that you are fundable AND that your offering is genuinely ready for “prime time”, with the MCA Funding Preparation Service.

You know you have competitors for your new company. But you need to understand that you also have funding competitors – other companies competing for the very limited attention, time and money from the same prospective investors.




One of my unique ways that I help a lot of my clients is through the “Miles Capital Advisor (MCA) Funding Service” BEFORE I introduce them to my direct network of over 10,000 Venture Capital and Angel Investors.

If you intend to raise funds for your startup company, you will probably find the MCA Funding Service to be one of the most helpful, pivotal and beneficial decisions you can make in the long, complex and complicated process of raising investor capital.

For many clients, it has made the difference between success and failure with their preparations for fundraising.

The MCA Funding Service is designed to specifically help startup company CEOs be genuinely ready for prime time for their fundraising and to also be properly coached to attract investors the right way. 

My clients have suffered from:

Bad strategies with incorrect objectives.
Ineffective tactics for execution.
Nonexistent action planning for milestones and resources.
Arm waving sales and marketing planning.
Incomplete, business planning without proper investor-focus.
Unbelievable, unrealistic, unachievable financial projections.
Illegal, incomplete offering documents and blue sky compliance.
Missing state and federal filings required by securities laws.
Boring pitch decks not properly focused on the investor and their ROI from a fair equity split valuation.
Missing exit plans that show investors how they get their return on capital.
Illegitimate or missing password protected investor website.
Missing or incomplete game plan for actually raising the investor funding.

These dirty dozen mistakes are just some of the multitude of issues that can be turnoffs to prospective investors and kill your offering – and your company’s future.

The MCA Funding Service is specifically focused on a complete review, and fix if necessary, of the above dozen issues, and more, to make sure that your company is actually fundable – and that everything for your fundraising is genuinely ready for prime time – before you pitch even the first prospective investor.

Note: The MCA Funding Service is not designed for one night stands. It is not designed to mislead investors in any way. It is designed to find the right investors for your company for a very long-term, mutually beneficial relationship – and get you successfully funded.

It’s a fact: When it comes to fundraising, there are absolutely no guarantees. If someone tells you they can guarantee that your fundraising will be successful, they are almost certainly lying to you.

Because of this, you do not want to waste even a single prospective investor opportunity by screwing up even one of the above issues.

You have got to get it right the first time and every time. This is not the time for A/B testing.

Startups almost always only get one chance with a prospective investor. The prospect expects to be approached and romanced in a certain way, with the right documentation and the right sequence of steps.

Fundraising is both highly complex and complicated – and you have to do every step the right way to be successful.

We will use our advisors, connections, editors, and the latest business plan templates and technologies to assemble the ideal business plan for your idea and/or situation, to meet the desires of our investors.

All of this greatly increases my client’s chances for the successful romance of angel investors to invest in their company.

One of the biggest, and most dangerous, misconceptions by entrepreneurs and startup companies is that they can pay a contingent finder’s fee or success fee for raising their investor capital.

You need to know that you cannot pay contingent finders fees or success fees…to me or to just about anyone…for finding you investors for your startup company for your Reg D fundraising. This applies to both the old 506(b) and the new crowdfunding 506(c) Reg D offerings.

Whether we work together or not, this is something you really need to know and understand to protect yourself: Contingent commissions, finder’s fees, success fees, or whatever you want to call them, can only be paid to NASD broker-dealer firms OR Registered Investment Advisors OR, in the case of a Title III offering, a funding portal that is registered with the SEC and a member of a registered self-regulatory organization (SRO). Currently that SRO is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

There is no federal securities law exception for 506 Reg D – even with the new equity crowdfunding offerings. Any payments of ANY contingent finders fees – besides those three exceptions – are a direct violation of both state and federal securities law. Period.

Usually, neither the various state securities boards nor the SEC put folks in prison for a first-time violation (unless there is fraud involved.)

However, what does very often happen is that the company is forced to “rescind” its offering. This means the company has to give back 100% of all investments made by ALL investors – and sometimes even pay back interest on top of that. Sometimes, the penalties include that the executives of the company are even barred for life from ever raising investor funds again.

This rescission penalty gets to be a real, major problem – especially if the company has already spent some or all of the money!

Another kind of penalty that may be delayed a few years: You raise your money – with just a small amount being raised by paying contingent finders or success fees. You’re successful and you get ready for an IPO or to have your company acquired for a lot of money. Except…the required due diligence uncovers that you paid an illegal finder’s fee – and that kills the deal and you end up with a lot of unhappy investors.

Bottom line: Do not pay any kind of contingent fundraising fees, commissions, success fees, etc. to anybody other than an NASD broker-dealer or an SEC Registered Investment Advisor or a funding portal that is registered with the SEC and a member of a registered self-regulatory organization (SRO).   

Since it is illegal for me to accept, and for you to pay, a contingent payment, all of my work for my clients is at my standard billing rate strictly as a management consultant. As a way for both of us to be protected and to avoid any hint of contingent payment, I also require a 10-hour retainer at my standard billing rate of $50 per hour to commence working together.

This issue of contingent payments for fundraising is just one of the umpteen stumbling blocks that can trip you up between now and your funding success. This is one of the very reasons that I offer the MCA Funding Preparation Service – to keep my clients out trouble and to make sure that they properly and legally romance prospective investors when they do find them.

If that sounds good, please email me: info@MilesCapitalAdvisors, or call (305) 848-5466. Hopefully, we can find a mutually workable time to set up a call in the next few days.

You can also fill out your request on the Contact page, and I will receive that via email.

I look forward to working with you.